Russia will pay

Russia's barbaric war continues. Ukraine will win. We are already preparing claims for damages to the European Court of Human Rights. Free.

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How Ukraine can get reparations Most likely, Ukraine will be able to count on those sources of reparations that are located outside Russia.

Volunteers - lawyers in international law.

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Vlad Spivak is a student majoring in International Law at Kyiv National Institute of International Relations of Taras Shevchenko National University. Together with a team of like-minded people, we make our professional contribution to the victory of the Ukrainian people.

We welcome requests from entrepreneurs and enterprises, subject to the availability of supporting documentation (from local authorities or the military) and photo-recording of losses. The preparation of the application to the ECtHR is carried out after the approval of the package of documents and requires about 2 weeks. The prepared application is sent by mail to the ECtHR, copies are preferably provided to the Ministries of Justice and Economy.
Currently, the effectiveness of these actions is questionable for a number of reasons plus hearings may take years. However, there is hope that after our victory, the recognition of Russia's actions in Ukraine as genocide, the process will begin. Especially considering the fact that frozen russian assets in EU will serve as a collateral. The first lawsuits have already been filed, and the pilot became lawsuit by Mr. Akhmetov , which will cost Russia billions.
We do everything for free, and it is desirable to reimburse the costs (stationery, postal items, etc.).

The activity is conducted on its own initiative and free of charge. However, if you want to donate - welcome to follow this link.

Usually we respond in 8 hours